Hong Kong - Multicultural & Shoppers' Paradise

Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years before returning to China in 1997. Made up of several small islands, Hong Kind is home to over 7 million people - one of the highest population densities in the world! Famous for its food, the city is often referred to as the culinary capital of Asia and renowned across the globe. Ancient local recipes have been passed down through generations, with local fishmongers providing high-quality and sustainable fish. The city is flooded with malls, street markets, and duty-free shops for the shopaholic’s delight!


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Queer scene

Hong Kong’s queer scene is dynamic and eccentric. It resides in the Central District Entertainment zone, referred to as Soho, with many queer bars and venues in the Causeway Bay District and the Tsim She Tsui in Kowloon. Hong Kong has amazing queer beaches, the most notable being Middle Bay Beach. The city’s LGBTQ+ nightlife takes shape in many small-scale bars and clubs, including Zoo Bar, Petticoat Lane and Time Bar

Hong Kong Experiences

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