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EXTRA TICKETS ADDED FOR Capoeira and Vogue Workshop with Puma Camillê 22ND MAY @ 5PM - 7 PM & 7PM - 9PM


PRIDE EAT CUTE - A Queer Dating Supper Club

June 24 2024· 3 hours

PRIDE EAT CUTE - A Queer Dating Supper Club

Celebrate pride at a dating supper club for single and/or polyamorous queers to meet and eat!


Capoeira and Vogue Workshop with Puma Camillê

May 22 2024· 2 hours

Capoeira and Vogue Workshop with Puma Camillê

Join two exclusive masterclasses of movement, fierceness, and ancestral connection with Puma.

Capoeira and Vogue Workshop with Puma Camillê (Early session  5pm - 7pm )

May 22 2024· 2 hours

Capoeira and Vogue Workshop with Puma Camillê (Early session 5pm - 7pm )

Join two exclusive masterclasses of movement, fierceness, and ancestral connection with Puma.

Montréal Queer Music & Open Mic

May 31 2024· 4 hours

Montréal Queer Music & Open Mic

Free music and open mic evening featuring talented Malaika Jayne and Milanz at L'Orbite.

Old Skl Voguing Classes

May 18 2024· 2 hours

Old Skl Voguing Classes

Art of voguing and history with Bronze West. Learn the Voguing foundation, Ballroom history & culture including intuitive movement.

Big Queer Energy Night-Out in London

June· 5 hours

Big Queer Energy Night-Out in London

Expect to see either talented live acts, racy cabaret, vogue balls, rich discussions, art exhibitions, & hidden gems unknown to most locals.


Word-Benders   w/ unembarrassable

June 11 2024· 2 hours

Word-Benders w/ unembarrassable

Join Gayathiri AKA @unembarrassable for an energizing poetry workshop on  @ 7 pm-8:30 pm.

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Coming to London alone for the first time I was a stranger in the city. Ok, ok, even as an Angeleno I was little “anxious”, i.e. how safe was the city, how do the neighborhoods vary, how do I get around, etc. Thanks to a night out with Aisha I understand London in a meaningful—a way that no guide book could ever shed light on. The night out gave me the insight and the confidence to explore London on my own, off-the-grid in a more authentic way. I also have a wonderful new friend when I return to London.

Joe (Los Angeles, USA) 

Aisha is the real deal. None of the touristy bullshit. She instantly makes going out with a bunch of randos feel comfortable. She's also clearly well-connected in the community. We found an amazing show featuring disabled queer artists, walked around South Bank a bit, and skipped the line at an underground club. My favourite night out in a long time. Cheers, Aisha! ❤️

Lindsay (USA) 

I was in London for the first time ever and didn’t really have anything to do at night, so figured I’d sign up to hang with Aisha and am so glad I did! She was really cool, worldly and made everyone in the group feel welcome! Met some other wonderful travellers as well and saw a really cool LGBTQIA show that would rival anything in San Francisco or New York ;) I’ll hit you up when I’m back in London!

Karen (San Francisco, USA) 

Super 'lush'! I had a blast with Aisha and friends (shout out to all you lovely ladies heeey!). Food, music, art and atmosphere, all made the night! I was up till the wee hours and still wished I had more time. I fully recommend Aisha's experience if ya wanna do something cool with cool af people at exclusive spots you may not have hit up otherwise. (Also, if you love the art scene and other unique things and good afternoon take away), have a look at Shoreditch) Thank you Aisha, et al for making my night in London pop!

Kasey (Ohio, USA) 

It was a pleasure hanging out with Aisha and the rest of the group. Since I was traveling alone this was the best option for me, definitely wanted to experience the nightlife in London. Had a great time!! Thank You Aisha!

Karla (Texas, USA) 

Aisha is amazing. It was a really great experience. She showed us unique places and performances with messages of equality and humanity. I really enjoyed. This is a great experience!! Thank you very much.

Giancarlo (Dublin, Ireland ) 

Muy buena experiencia en la noche de Londres, con gente increíble, Aisha exelente!!! Recomiendo que lo hagan les va a encantar ;)

Ariel (Colonia Alemania, Argentina) 

Aisha was a truly exceptional host. Her fun, open and interesting personality made it feel like we were meeting an old friend. The evening was exciting and we had a great time discovering the various clubs and bars in Soho, the highlight, however, was an exhibition/party in Tate Modern. Aisha also gave us great tips for other things to do and made us feel like true london locals. We will definitely be in touch with Aisha when we come back to London and re-book the event! High recommendation from us.

Sarah (Zurich, Switzerland) 

I was alone in London, and I didn't know where to go to have the best night there. So I decided to give a try to Aisha's experience "when night falls in London"! That was the best idea that I could have done! Aisha showed me some really cool hidden LGBT pubs in London that one that I would probably not find as a tourist....

Maddie (Real Madrid, Spain) 

 I gave this a go not entirely sure what to expect but Aisha was so warm and welcoming and I felt at ease instantly. Even though I've lived in London for over 5 years, Aisha took me to places I didn't even know existed and reignited a passion for London. If you want to shortcut trawling all the blogs and have someone show you around with style and confidence, feeling like a VIP, then give this a go!

Alex Webb (United Kingdom) 

Aisha is such an awesome person and it was really fun spending a night out with her. She knows where to go to get a really different experience in London and I'm definitely going to be doing it again!

DJ (London, UK)