Jo'burg- A city of art

While some may have a preconception of life here, and many documentaries coming out about crime in the city, it is often overlooked by tourists who exclusively stay in Cape Town. Johannesburg is a constantly evolving and inspiring city - growing physically and communally every day. The city’s creative quarter Maboneng is overflowing with art, culture, and amazing food and shopping centers. Arts on Main is a mixed-use creative hub in the quarter where locals and tourists meet for food, workshops, galleries and markets!


Nightlife scene

 Another hotspot in the city is Braamfontein - a trendy area full of creatives and students. The area is home to countless museums, theatres, restaurants, galleries, and designer shops. The Neighbourgoods Saturday Market hosted in the area is nationally renowned as a safe space where people collect to shop, eat and laugh. Adjacent areas to Braamfontein - Melville and Auckland Park are populated with students and attract a grunge audience at night.  Johannesburg is also famous for its food - with the most quintessentially South African cuisine taking place on the BBQ. The city is filled with BBQ places, local grills, and street food vendors.

Jo'burg Experiences

Explore Jo'burg queer culture

Johannesburg, South Africa

July 15 2022· 4 hours

Explore Jo'burg queer culture

Discover queer nightlife and culture