New York-Land of the free

Hailed as one of the most diverse cities in the world, over 800 languages are spoken every day! While the big city may be intimidating, New York is often split by locals into clusters of smaller neighborhoods with their own customs, culture, and vibe. These include Harlem, Astoria, Flushing, Brooklyn Heights, and Coney Island.


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NYC nightlife scene

With the groundbreaking Stonewall Riots taking place in the city in 1969, New York’s queer culture runs deep and has created one of the loudest and most vibrant LGBTQ+ areas in the world. While you can find queer spots all throughout the city, Chelsea in Manhattan, Greenwich Village, and Queens are notable areas of wonderful queer activity.

The city is also home to the world’s biggest and most insane underground queer ballroom scene. With historical ties to the houses of Labeija, Xtravaganza and Aviance, the city’s underground queer scene hosts legendary balls, showing the immense talent from queer people of colour and trans folk.

NYC Experiences

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