IRL / Online LGBTQ+ experiences

Knowledge is power, LGBTQ+ education is rarely taught in school. Don't just learn but be entertained and support our community. Interact with educators, activists, and creatives on topics surrounding, queer history, sexuality & gender, diversity, intersectionality, pronouns, pride movement, pinkwashing,  allyship and more. Our online experiences are consciously designed to build a better understanding of what authentic queer culture is and to shine a light on marginalized voices to help create change. 

Ideal for all queer members, allies, corporate groups, Universities, Colleges and team-building.

*Specific themes, dates/times and bespoke packages are available*

Online  LGBTQ+ History with Drag Performances

1 hour

Online LGBTQ+ History With Drag Performances

Understand London's secret LGBTQ+ history & culture with an activist with live performances from a drag king and a drag queen.