Paris - The city of love

Paris is an epicentre of culture, history, shopping, art and fashion. While modern-day Paris is famous for its Boulevards like Saint Germain, the city has history which traces back to 250 BC where Celtic tribes built forts on the bank of the Seine. 

In the 21st century Paris is a financial and creative centre of the world - one of the few global cities. You cannot discuss luxury fashion and cosmetics without talking about the countless contributions made by French artists, designers and dreamers. You feel this energy throughout the city. While the Louvre is world-renowned for its showcase of amazing art, Paris is home to many amazing galleries and spaces. For example, the Musée du quad Branly, a museum showcasing indigenous art of Africa, Asia and the Americas - highlighting the huge multi-cultural aspect of Paris and its influence on art and creation. 


Parisian queer culture

Queer culture in Paris has been centred around a district called Le Marais since the 1980s. Queerness also brought art galleries and eyes for fashion to the district, naming Le Marais the queer, fashion and art scene in central Paris. French author Florence Tamagne describes walking through the village as ‘less of a place where one lives and works and more an entrance to a pleasure area’ - giving it a unique sense of camaraderie and vibrancy (especially at night). Le Marais is also home to one of Europe’s largest cruising bars ‘per Tamagne’.

 In the 20th century, Montmartre and Pigalle were also queer hubs - with Pigalle being home to the longest-running lesbian bar and cabaret show in the whole of Paris!The city’s annual Pride Parade draws in crowds of over 800,000 - in Paris there is SO much to celebrate. Musée du quad Branly. 

Paris Experiences

Queers in Paris


February 18 2024· 6 hours

Queers in Paris

Fancy a quick trip to Paris or want to enjoy the night with other queers? Explore Parisian streets and nightlife with a queer local