United Kingdom·March 18 2023

Brown Suga - Epilogue

Enjoy our last Brown Suga event at Common Counter with Ballroom History, Voguing Masterclass, DJs & Lip-Sync TakeOver



BROWN SUGA // Epilogue 🔥🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Powered by Moonlight Experiences X Glass House London X Bronze West Join us for the last time at Common Counter as we say farewell to such an important bar that has provided a home to Brown Suga and our queer community over the last year! There are limited spaces that prioritise queer people of colour, our evening will be about remembering that we have always existed in multiple spaces, and that we will always thrive! Before we move to our next chapter. Learn about Ballroom history and be inspired by voguers from The House of West and The House Of Miyake-Mugler. You can also participate in two available voguing masterclasses with Bronze West to learn the art of voguing. Enjoy the after-party with a voguing runway, Lipsync Takeover, DJs, and Performances. Date: Saturday 18th March Time: 7:00 pm-2 am Evening schedule Doors open at 7 pm 💙 7:00 pm- 7:30 pm | MIXER drop by solo to meet some new people for the night. 💙 7:30 pm- 8:15 pm | Ballroom: We Were Always Here panel discussion - (Downstairs) 💙 8:45pm -9:30pm | Masterclass (1) Voguing workshop (Downstairs) 💙 9 pm - 2 am | Upstairs DJs (Bar) 💙 9:30pm -10: 15 pm | Masterclass (2) Voguing workshop w/ Bronze West (Downstairs) 💙 10:30 pm -11:00pm | Voguing Workshop Participants Runway (Bar) 💙 11:00 pm-11:30pm | Lip-Sync Take Over & performances (Bar) 🔥DJs ⭐️Special guests 🎤Speakers: Alizé Tinkerbell West, Diva Miyake-Mugler, Bronze West Come and indulge in a good vibes-only environment where we can celebrate ourselves authentically. A space dedicated to our QTIPOC, queer women, non-binary, trans folx + friends. Grab some friends to join for the night or join our mixer to meet some new people if you are coming solo. However you want to enjoy the night, there will be great music, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, and queer books in a quieter hangout zone. 🔥Non-stop R&B, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Afro-Latin, Dancehall & Soca 🔥 💡*The Common Press and Common Counter are fully accessible. Downstairs- The Commons is sadly not wheelchair accessible*


Moonlight Experiences Team

Moonlight Experiences Team

The night will be hosted by Moonlight Experiences founder Aisha Shaibu-Lenoir and the wonderful team who will be looking after you for the evening. LipSync with our host: PLUTO

Don Diva Alizé Tinkerbell West!

Don Diva Alizé Tinkerbell West!

The voguing sensation,the Don Diva Alizé Tinkerbell West! Precision. Elegance. Sex Appeal. Few words just to describe this phenomenon. Alizé derives from the ballroom community in London and has been voguing for 5 years consecutively. She’s an international sensation. @traplineblings

Voguing Masterclass with Bronze West

Voguing Masterclass with Bronze West

Join Bronze West from 8:45pm-10pm for a voguing masterclass. Two sessions available. You’ll be allocated a time slot when you arrive.

Diva Miyake-Mugler:

Diva Miyake-Mugler:

Welcoming UK's very own from the International Iconic House Of Miyake-Mugler is Diva Miyake-Mugler, London's Queen Of The Oldway. Being one of the first of this generation to help establish and build a ballroom scene in London and bring knowledge to the kids, as well as introducing the Oldway performance to this generation in London. She is well known for her classique, clean, unbothered and cunt presence and performance and winning several grandprizes around Europe for the Oldway and really knows how to shake up a room. Diva is a maternal figure in our community and continues to inspire and uplift all those around her. @divamimu

Bronze West

Bronze West

Pop-Dip-Spin extraordinaire with a thirst for broccoli. They have become recognised internationally for their unique style of Pop Dip & Spin (aka. Old Way Vogue), since finding London's Ballroom community in 2015. Bronze hosts accessible QTIBPOC-centered ballroom/voguing workshops, and they co-run Vogue Rites - London's only weekly ballroom night, that has opened up the scene for London's QTIBPOC community. @groingthroughit

Lip-Sync TakeOver

Lip-Sync TakeOver

11:00 - midnight (Bar). Hop on stage and lip-sync your heart out to old skool R&B and Hip Hop songs.

Bookshop / hangout zone

Bookshop / hangout zone

Head into the intersectional bookshop 'The Common Press' for some space to hangout. It's a non-alcoholic space filled with queer books. *All books purchased can be held until the end of the night*



Attend our Mixer from 7pm. Attend solo to meet and make more connections and friends.


QPOC Tickets for Ballroom Discussion + After Party

1st release Queer Black + POC tickets for Ballroom discussion + party


QPOC Tickets for Voguing Masterclass + Discussion + After Party

First Release QPOC tickets for voguing session + Discussion + Party


Allies Tickets for Ballroom Discussion + After Party

First Release tickets for Allies tickets include panel discussion + party. Non-POC guests are welcome


Allies Tickets for Voguing Masterclass + Discussion + After Party

First Release Tickets for allies to attend voguing session and full evening.


Mixer (7pm-7:30pm) - This is not an entry ticket

Come by solo and meet other people at the start of the night.



We are making space for  QTIPOC, queer women, non-binary and trans folks. Allies and friends are welcome. 

Tickets on the door will be limited. 

The event will be at Common Counter at Glass House. Located at the corner of Bricklane on Bethnal Green Road side. Check-in through the bar entrance. 

Address: 118 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG

Yes, the cloakroom is available at the venue for £2.

Yes, the bookshop will be selling books all night! You can also leave your books with us until the party ends.

Yes, we will be having a mixer from 8pm, join our friendly hosts and meet some people. 

No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds. 

Email: info@moonlightexperiences.com

The bar and bookshop are fully wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, the downstairs space isn't wheelchair accessible.

12:30 am is the last entry! You risk not getting in if you arrive later. Come early.


Keep our staff and guests safe.e 

Brown Suga - Epilogue

United Kingdom· March 18 2023· 7 hours